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10 Things That May Occur If You Befriend A Dwarf   1.You know the exact location of all taverns within two-day’s travel. 2.You wake up in the morning day it is and where all wondering what day it is and where all of your gold went. 3.You notice after a few weeks your belly now hangs over your pants. 4.When asked what you will be having for dinner, reply with your three favorite  5.You use your Tome of your bar stool. 6.You realize that Dwarfs they do not have a steady hand after a full night of drinking. 7.Shiny metal objects become a huge distraction. 8.You notice that most things are not designed for the vertically challenged. 9.When questioned about the accuracy of your information, you proceed to rant for the next 20 minutes about your lineage and the person’s...
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