Best Zealot Hairstyles

Bald: All the rage across the countryside! It’s easy to maintain; just be sure the curve of your Zealot’s blade matches the roundness of your noggin’!
Mohawk: Ratty and simple but a must-have for the hardcore punk killers among our ranks!
Chaos Cornrows: Eh, not really cornrows, but it’s hard to deny the appeal of the Chaos shaved upon your cranium, a wee topknot center.
Shaggy: For the truly insane. Who needs a comb…or even a shave?
Ponytail: Grease it up, leave it hangin’, tada! Nice silhouette from the side too…Empire will fear you.
Skull and Ponytail: Nothing says Zealot lovin’ like a skull with your greasy hair pulled through it. Goes great with a hooked nose.

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