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Chapter 22 / Onslaught Gear

Stage 1: Go at the entrance of the keep and start killing NPCs. Make your way to the center and be careful not to kill the aggro the constructs from the side. Climb the stairs making sure that you are not aggroing the last construct which is near them and go all the way to the center of the room. Put healers and DPS with the back at the place where the portal will spawn in stage 4 and tell the tanks to pull the hero on top. As soon as he is there kill it. 

Stage 2: After killing the hero, move to one of the sides, go down the stairs and kill the constructs. Remember to pull maximum two of them because their cleave is very big and you will die. after you killed the constructs, proceed close to inner circle and kill the remaining constructs and twisted spawns.

Stage 3: After you killed the NPCs from stage 2, proceed to top of the room like you did in stage 1. Healers and DPS should stay with their back at walls and you can start attacking the boss. He is spawning adds so make sure that those are killed fast. Otherwise they will cause some problems

Stage 4: Kill the boss following this mechanic:

  • Form a designated party which will go inside portal when the boss is 50%. The party must consist 2 tanks / 2 heals / 2 DPS. If one of the members of this party is transformed into a spawn, switch if fast with another player (with exact role) so that he can replaced. The person who got transformed needs to move away from the party members because they will all die.
  • Place the main party on top of middle stairs and the rest should go down via the side stairs in front of the boss. Tanks make sure that you have Destracting Bellow equipped. You will need it
  • Now the fight begins. As soon as the lord is at 50% a portal will spawn on top of middle stairs. The party which is there needs to go in. They will find a neutral NPC and a barrier in middle. This party must go to the other side of the room and start attacking the NPC. The NPC is placing a fire puddle on the ground so people needs to move away from that while kiting the NPC. After the NPC is dead they need to kill the object in the middle. While this party is dealing with the boss and object inside portal, the rest are attacking the lord.
  • The lord is using a heal buff which is increasing his health. This buff lasts 15 minutes and here is when DIstracting Bellow comes in handy. After group from portal is down when the other people from warband are, all the tanks must be crossguarded and need to keep boss aggro. They need to coordinated the moral so that they will make a Distracting Bellow Circle, starting from 1st tank of party 1, towards last tank of party 4 and repeat till the boss is dead.

Stage 1: Follow the wide stairs and start killing NCPs. make your way towards the path all they way to the top through long stairs and kill the 3 bosses and the other NPCs. As soon as you are up, kill the NPCs on the left side first and after go to the right completing the stage

Stage 2: Kill the 2 bosses from the right side where you are and go the the left side killing the other 2

Stage 3: A dragon with 3 adds will spawn in the middle. Get one tank from your group to tank the adds away and kill them. For this boss you need to tank him steady (he is not dropping aggro) and make sure that DPS and Healers are staying a bit away. a lot of adds will spawn and  you need to kill them. At around 50% he will spawn a Hydra which needs to be killed also.

Stage 4: Kill the boss following this mechanic:

  • Get all the members on the left side near altar. There are 3 altars in the area. One on the right side, one in the middle and one on the left. Let the tanks build aggro and make sure that DPS/Healers are engaging, after tanks are on boss for around 10 seconds.
  • Every altar will spawn a Orb on top of it. These orbs must be pressed when you see that boss pull people on his spot and starting slowly to make an AoE attack. If you press the orb too early, a lot of members will die. If you press it too late. The boss must be close to the altar in order for Orb to take effect. Start by pulling the boss on the right side first.
  • After you interacted with the orb, go to the middle altar and do the same as in Stage 1. Make sure that tanks are holding the aggro and move the boss slowly towards the middle. You will be pulled again so make sure that as soon as you are pulled (if all the poeple are pulled) you moved back to interact with the orb. It is recommended that one member to stay away of the group for not being pulled and as soon as the pull occurs, to be able to interact with the orb without a problem.
  • Move the boss to the left altar and do the same as Step 2 and Step 3. Around 50% he will spawn a add named “Spite”. This add should not be killed because boss will enrage and needs to be tanked separately. Make sure that the boss is near the altar once again for the Orb to take effect. If you were not able to kill the boss in time, move him to the middle and after left once again.

Stage 1: Pass the main gate and kill the NPCs following the main road straight to top, pass the 2nd gate, kill the other NPCs towards the main bridge. As soon as you get to that bridge, Stage 2 should come up

Stage 2: Kill the 4 huts located on our side. Two of them are located on your back as you facing the bridge and the other 2 are located on your left, just after the 2nd door you passed. Get on the other side of the bridge and kill all mobs and huts you ecnounter. Some of the huts can be killed, some of them cannot so make sure that you constantly checking them with your mouse. They will explode so you need to higlight the remains and attack them. Time is limited and you need to be fast

Stage 3: A boss will spawn near the tent in the main area of PQ, just on top of the mountain sorrounded by stoned cliffs. Tank the boss on his spot and make sure that you back is stuck to the wall because he punts. IF you are punted off the cliff, try to get back as fast as possible.

Stage 4: Kill the boss following this mechanic:

  • All stand on the pile of junk at the right side of the area. Let MT start tanking the boss where he stands. The other tank from MTs should help aswell. the rest stay on the pile and challenge and kill the Adds. one of the Adds will drop a granted ability and as soon as someone is staggered with the 30 mins buff, that person with the ability must use it on the Staggered person.
  • At 65% two side bosses will be spawned. Gobbla the Squig and Sharsink the Shaman. ​The order of killing is first the Squig and after the Shamman.  Squig needs to be tanked away from the group. He has aoe bouncing and it should be interrupted asap. Shaman needs to be tanked away from group as he has an aoe punt and heal.
  • After you killed the two bosses, for Torturas will spawn around each middle platform. Try and pull maximum of 2 at a time. Burn morale on them if u have to to kill them fast. After second phase the main boss will have random aggro switch mechanism and the the MT needs to react fast with taunt to take the boss back under control. 
  • After all the Torturas are killed, focus and kill the main boss.

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