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Discs of Tzeentch The Magus is a formidable opponent, even without his daemon-infused Disc. Combine the two and terror quakes the knees of all but the most experienced veterans of the forces of Order. Discs of Tzeentch are shaped from the Screamers gathered out of the ethers of Chaos. These Screamers are glimmering sky-sharks that soar upon the winds of magic, with no real conscious thought other than a hunting instinct to prey upon the shadowsouls of mortal creatures. A rare sight in the mortal world, screamers swirl around battlefields, lured from the Realm of Chaos by pulses of emotion and carnage. Armed with fangs, horns, and spurs, these manta-like creatures should be feared. Their flight maneuvers them into position quickly, and the daemons’ sharp armaments tear through foe regardless of armor or skill. Only a master craftsman can create...
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