Do’s and Don’ts of First-Time Summoners

Do: Summon your daemon to create bowel-slackening terror and rain destruction upon your weakling foes.
Don’t: Summon your daemon to impress members of the opposite sex, simple minded greenskins, or people that you money to but don’t want to pay back. Remember the ritual in which you swore yoursoul to the service of Tzeentch? Where promised to serve his plots and destroy return for reality warping powers of epic Well now that you have unholy powers daemonic control, it’s up to you to be responsible. didn’t give you the power to tear through and reach into the Realm of Chaos just girls. (Unless you are attempting to recruit of Tzeentch.) Remember, the Bird God watching.

Do: Make sure to show dominance over your daemon as soon as it is summoned.
Don’t: Try to make it feel inferior by insulting it or giving a silly name like Binky. You want to make sure that your daemon knows who’s in charge, so it will accept your commands. Do this through a strong and confident tone of voice. Giving it a name is good, but you should definitely avoid using names like Tiny, which, while okay for a Dwarf, will only enrage the daemon,making it harder to control.

Do: Summon the appropriate daemon for the job.
Don’t: Attempt to summon something outside of your ability. Different daemons serve different purposes. If you are facing one person who is starting far away, summon a Pink Horror. If you are facing maybe one or two people at medium range, summon a Flamer, and if it’s a group of people who have gotten the jump on you, summon a Blue Horror. However, don’t attempt to summon something out of your league like a greater daemon. The last time a Magus tried that, his entire group was wiped out. And his warband. And his army. And the opponent’s army.

Do: Use your slowing and snaring spells when enemies get within range.
Don’t: Taunt the enemy when they are unable to move. One of our strengths is our various ways of preventing enemies from getting to us, while one of our weaknesses is that we take more damage than most do. So while it’s great to have our enemies snared in place, stopping to taunt them may backfire, as they may have abilities that allow them to break snares and will be on you before you can insult them.

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