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Introduction For New Players


Welcome to Warhammer Online: Return of Reckoning.


As a new player you might find this “old” game a bit of a challenge to find your way aroudn it. I am sure you will have alot of questions about alot of things. Please use this website and the guides below to familiaze yourself with as many topics as you feel you need to. This time spend here will help you have a better time in game, enhjoying yourself playing rather than askign questions all the time. At least thats the plan. If you need more help feel free to visit me on twitch to chat in real time https://www.twitch.tv/fixxertv

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Some of the most common questions answered.

The Classes Explained (Detailed)

For your convinience please see this video on you Tube to use the time stamps in the comment section to find the Class you want!

Character Creation Tutorial

Game Options

User Interface

Addons and Installation

For more addons use the following links:

Nerfed Buttons

An Addon to help you or Hinder you (use it wisesly)

All done – Now i want to play !!!


For more tactics and what to do in each scenario please have a look here:

Public Quests

Campaign Maps

The Capitals


Inevitable City


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