Question: Youz have walked into a dark moldy cave an’ all youz can smell iz death an’ decay. Wot iz it?

Answer: It’s yer group mate, da Black Orc. But don’t tell him or youz could get hurt.

Question: A gud odor rises ’round the cook fire? Wot iz it?

Answer: Hopefully iz yer dinner. Could also be da Squig pen, an’ Goblins not happy when you go in dere.

Question: Youz pick yer new trophy ’cause it smells like…

Answer: Rottin’ snotling head. Ah, da smells of yer youth. Youz standin’ in a field of red, yellow, and purple flowers.

Question: Wot iz da bestest smell?

Answer: Da stunty corpse at yer feet.

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