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Slayer – Bey Blade

For this build you will need to be level 40 Renown level 80 to fully utilize the build. This build has been around for a long time but it is considered a not viable build. I belive it has the ability to do well in Warband setup. So i will recorded here as a build and once i have the Invader gear to fully test it i will be adjusting it on this post. I want to attempt to show you how much versatility this game can offer.


I feel for now at least that a full Invader set is the best to use for this build. Talisamans will be either Weaponskill for armour penetration or a mixture of Weapon skill / Strength and wounds. Weapons Invader 2-H , although you can use dual yield. I belive that since we will be using only 1 skill with 1 global cooldown it will be better to use 2-H to hit harder per attack. On top the 2-H invader has 10% to reduce incoming heal by 25 so in an aoe setup looks good!


Below you can see what skills i prefer for my build. We use the path of Trollslayer, the path of Gaintslayer and Skavenslayer.

From Path of Trollslayer pick:

                                                  • Short Temper
                                                  • Rampage
                                                  • Power Through

From Path of Gaintslayer pick:

                                                  • Determination


From Path of Skavenslayer pick:

                                                  • No Escape or shutter Limbs
                                                  • Plus all remaining points


                                                  • 5 Levels of Blade Master
                                                  • 4 Levels of Opportunist
                                                  • 1 Level Fortitude



                                                  • Brute Force
                                                  • Determination
                                                  • Power Through
                                                  • Short Temper


                                                  • Sever Nerve
                                                  • Deadly Determination
                                                  • Grievous harm
                                                  • Frenzied Slaughter


Positives of the build

                                                  • Fun to play
                                                  • Easy to play
                                                  • Slayer never look better !

Negatives of the build

                                                  • Slow to engage enemy
                                                  • Only good on WB Play



Pre combat:

                                                    • Gudrun’s Warcry


Main Rotation

                                                    • Onslaught (Below 100 mechanic)
                                                    • Flurry  (Below 100 mechanic)
                                                    • Wild Swing Spam (at 100 Mechanic) Only

Situational skills to use: 

                                                    • Rampage
                                                    • No escape
                                                    • Fierceness
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