Squig Herder – Nerfed Button Sequences (Path of Quick Shootin’)

These are the sequence I use in my everyday game play to make my life easier.

Nerfed Buttons will not do everything for you and you still have to press the button for each and every skill on your sequence. Also I will advise against making massive sequences as they can get very complicated and cause more harm than good.

Note: You can not use channeling abilities on Nerfed Buttons because after 1 sec the global cool down comes on and the skill goes on cool down then the sequence moves to the next skill and it will interrupt the channeling ability.

I only recommend to use sequences with instant skills and or buff /debuff. The rest of the skills are usually circumstantial and its best to be used manually.

The sequences I recommend for you to use are the following:

Sequence 1:

  • Finish ’em Off | Check: Hit Points Percent  | hpPercent 25 | Need (-) | Target (e)
  • Behind Ya| Check2: Abilty Enebled | Ability id ( 1854) | Need (+)
  • Sharpnel Arrer| Check: Archetype / rdps| Need (+) | Target (e)
  • Not So Fast| Check1: Effect | Stack Count 1 | Only Self (No) | Need (-) | Target (e)
  • Not So Fast| Check2: Movement | Need(-)
  • Yer Bleedin’ | Check: Effect | Stack Count 1 | Only Self (Yes) | Need (-) | Target (e)
  • Rotter Arrer| Check1: Effect | Stack Count 1 | Only Self (Yes) | Need (-) | Target (e) 
  • Rotter Arrer| Check2: Abilty Enebled | Ability id ( 1853) | Need (+)
  • Red Tipped Arrer
  • Run N’ Shoot | Nothing

Finish ’em Off will activate if not in cooldown or of the target is below 25% HP

Rotter Arrer has (2) checks  because the target must be Ailing

Not So Fast will activate only if you are not moving and if the previous spells are active on the target. Since this is a knockdown you might want to keep it off the sequence.

All other skills like disarm, silence etc must be used manualy according to the situation. IF you noticed we don’t have Stop Running on this sequence (slow skill). This skill must be used manualy because if you have already used sticky squiz (Self punt) the target is slowed and if he /she removes slow you need to slow them again. Use the skill wisely or you might find yourself in trouble.

If you need more help in getting the basics on how nerfed buttons work please reffer to the You Tube video https://youtu.be/Kxe504QYxco

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