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Squig Hearder

Squig Herder – Ranged

For this build you will need to be level 40 Renown level 80 to fully utilize the build. The game allows for great versatility so i will attempt to give you an idea on the build, after that you will have to modify it to fit you game style.

First lets see what gear we will need to use. For this build you need to aim for Invader gear (fort) until then stick to ORVR gear and weapons (subjugator). later on you need to upgrade to Invader weapons as well 

For rings you need Genesis set (ORVR)

Talismans should be be Weapon skill for more arnour penetration.

Here you can see what skills i prefer for my build. We use the path quick & big shootin. 

From Path of Quick Shootin’

  • Rotten Arrer
  • Shootin Wif da Wind
  • Run Away

From Path of Big Shootin’

  • Finish em’ off
  • Shraqpnel arrer

Now that we have our gear and our skills its time to improve them all. It is time to use the renown we have acquired through PVP.

  • 2 levels in Futile Strikes
  • 3 levels Deft Defender
  • 4 levels in Sure Shot
  • the last 10 points can go in vigor or weapon skill.. depending to what you feel you need more. 
  • Pick on Yer own size
  • Shooting wif da wind
  • Masteful Aim

Positives of Build

  • Very good mobility
  • Good damage (Invader)

Negatives of Build

  • Requires high player skill
  • Low survivability until invader

If Enemy is Melee

  • Stop Running
  • Yer Bleeding
  • No So fast
  • Run and shoot
  • <than 20% Finsih em off

If Enemy is Ranged

  • Yer Bleedin
  • Not so fast
  • Plink
  • Finish em of

Submitted by Squggy