The Lost Oath Runes

1. Ye might ’ave guessed that th’ Oath Runes that be useful ta adventurer’s be not th’ sum total of all Dwarf Runic knowledge. Matter o’ fact, creative Priests be comin’ up with new uses fer Oath
power all th’ time, often tailored ta what be annoyin’ ’em most at th’ time.

Oath Rune of Free Ale Refills

Good fer a night out wit’ th’ Ironbreakers.

Oath Rune of Sudden Sobriety

Good th’ morn affa th’ night out wit’ th’ Ironbreakers!

Miss Manners’ Oath Rune of Proper Table Etiquette

Commissioned by a mighty-peeved barmaid affa th’ mornin’ affa yer night
out wit’ th’ somewhat “uncouth” Ironbreakers.

Oath Rune of Honey Bunches

Part of a balanced breakfast.

Oath Rune of Dance Parties

Good fer when th’ High Elves stop by.

Oath Rune of Pretty, Smooth, Silky Skin

Elves are thunk ta’ ’ave had a hand in this one, too.

Oath Rune of Elf Repellin’

See both th’ rune above.

Oath Rune of Yer Motha’!

More Elf repellent fer desperate, hazardously dance-prone occasions.

Oath Rune of th’ Seven Dwarfs

Requires one sleepin’ princess of inherently open mind ’bout her livin’ arrangements.

Oath Rune of Puttin’ th’ Darned Seat Down!

Courtesy of said princess.

Oath Rune of Slim-Fast

Least used rune in th’ long an’ noble history of th’ “stout” Dwarfs.

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