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Turrets Syndrome Definition: A neurological disorder whereby the afflicted verbally and physically abuses a nearby mechanical geegaw with uncontrollable rage, meanwhile ignoring the sentient being that caused the nuisance in the first place. Often this allows said nuisance the opportunity shoot the afflicted in the face. Last year, Turrets Syndrome was a contributing factor in 75% of all cases of premature greenskin fatality, and is the fourthleading unnatural cause of death among Squigs. Common Causes of Turrets Syndrome: Dwarfs, massive alcohol consumption by non-Dwarfs, and PvP server lag. Prognosis: If left untreated, Turrets Syndrome symptoms abate once the offending machine has been reduced to smithereens. However, lingering harmful side effects may include pain, embarrassment, and mildcases of death....
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