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Ancient Falasarna

Falasarna is approximately 12 Km west of the town of Kissamos. Falasarna was an ancient Greek harbour town that was built around 333 BC. Falasarna was a maritime power in the region in those ancient times, and it was involved in two major wars with neighbouring cities during the Hellenistic period.

The first was with Polyrrhenia and the second war was fought with Cydonia around 184 BC and the disputes were finally resolved through Roman intervention. Most of the structures of the harbour were revealed by excavations that began in 1986.

Visiting the ancient Falasarna archaeological site combined with viewing the findings from the excavation site in Kissamos Museum located in the city centre of Kissamos will give you a complete inside of the ancient city, its culture and role in the ancient times. If you want to enhance that experience even more you can download the ancient Falasarna App for free.

How to Get There

A nice drive from Kissamos to Falasarna beach and then to ancient Falasarna which should take you  20-25 min by car. Narrow countryside roads with lovely views along the way, especially when going downhill Falasarna area.

Map to the Area

Fixxer’s Tips

  • Allow yourself 2 hours to explore the entire archaeological site.
  • Have a bottle of water with you.
  • The last part of the road is a bit rough, be careful with the car. All cars can drive to the site as long as u are a bit careful.
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