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Bastion StairLocation: Chaos Wastes | Ranks: 33–40 | Type: Realm-Instanced | Grade: 4 | Key Loot: Bloodlord Armor and WeaponsErected by the malicious will of the Lord of Skulls, the Bastion Stair towers over a twisted and torn landscape, walls stained red with the blood of countless sacrifices. Stairs never meant for human feet climb toward burning skies where the vague outline of the Bastion itself can barely be seen, and beyond, the faint flickering light of the Rift of Rage. For it is the rift itself that draws both Order and Destruction to this place, a source of Chaos power with which the servants of Tzeentch could remake the world in the twisted image of their dark god... if the defenders of the Empire cannot find some way to close the portal first.TRAIL OF CARNAGE (RANKS 33-34)This segment of...
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