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Best Potions to Craft for Auction House Sales! A lot of people ask whats the best way to make money. The best way is the way you like. Some like to kill mobs, some like to butcher, or run dungeons, others to cultivate or a bit all the above mentioned. On this post I will list what potions are the best to sale in Auction House (AH) in both sides to my experience. Potent versions of the potions require you get a critical while crafting thus harder to make, stronger and of course more expensive. Defensive Potions: Lasting Stanchion Unguent (Armour Potion +660 Armour) Potent Stanchion Unguent (Armour Potion +825 Armour) Lasting Liquid Fortitude (Toughness Potion +80 Toughness) Potent Lasting Liquid Fortitude (Toughness Potion +100 Toughness) Lasting Aversion Potions ( Absorb 1875 dmg – 30 sec Duration) Potent Lasting Aversion...
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