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Bilerot BurrowsLocation: Inevitable City | Ranks: 40+ | Type: 6-Player, Instanced | Grade: 5 | Key Loot: Sentinel Armor and WeaponsWinding passageways are covered in slime, with teeth protruding from the floors and walls. Humanoid fanatics, who apparently love the smell of sewers, are down here in Bilerot Burrows, as are fleshy plaguebeasts. The oozing green and brown slime is everywhere, and in some cases, is partnered with a green and brown gas cloud. Bilerot Burrow starts on a linear track along maggot-infested burrows, and then segways into three different branches. The first is comprised mainly of Nurglealigned mortals, the second full of Nurgle-aligned daemons and the final is the restingplace of the Bile Lord, a Great Unclean One.MAGGOT BURROWSThe first area of the Bilerot Burrows is run by the Maggotfiend. You can see his influence in the area, since...
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