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Bit Wars

Bit Wars is a Twitch Channel event that allows viewers to compeete using bits and gain prizes. Bit wars usualy has 10 levles of rewards to unlock. Some prizes are for teh chat and some for the winner of the bit wars. Every tier that is unlocked adds a prize in the loot chest. At the end of the stream the highest bitter wins the chest and all the loot in it.

Prizes include, stream key games, merchandise, digital goods and anything else we might think to add.

Everyone can participate in this event with no restiction. Some might want to just add bits to unlock the public giveaways of the war. To win does not mean that you must spent a fortune either but the higher the tiers that we unlock the more loot is in the chest.


Tier 1 unlock at 100 bits.

98 viewers give from 1 bit each and 1 viewer gives 2 bits, total of 100 bits. The tier unlocks and the winner of the bit war is the viewer with 2 bits, unless some one gives 3 bits. The fact that the tier is unlocked, even if it is the last tier that does not mean that the war is over. The war is over when the stream ends.


I case the Event is coupled with a subathon then all cheers with 100+ will also add time to the subathon increasing streaming time, thus giving the Bit Wars a added bonus. Bits below 100 bits will simply add to the unlock of the tier(s).

I hope you guys enjoy this competitve event and have fun , biting and outbiting others to win the King’s loot box.


500 – V.I.P Role Raffle (1 month)+ 1 Kings chest
1000- Kings Chest + 1 Steam game Key
2000 – Kings Chest +1 FixxerTV Wallpaper
3000 – Kings Chest + 1 Steam Game Key
5000 – Start 1 Steam Game Key Raffle
6000 – Kings Chest + 1 FixxerTV Sticker
7000 – Kings Chest + 1 Steam Game Key
8000 – Kings Chest + 1 Steam Game Key
9000 – Kings Chest + 1 Tier 2 Channel Sub
10000 – Kings Chest + 1 Cooking Recipe Request,
+1 Game request*, +1 FixxerTV Wallpaper,
+1 extra VIP personal Sound,
+1 ROR Poem Collection


*Free to play or owned or <20€ , or sponsored ( you buy me the game). Will play at least 2 hours.

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