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Bloodwrought EnclaveLocation: Inevitable City | Ranks: 40+ | Type: 6-Player, Instanced | Grade: 5 |Key Loot: Sentinel Armor and WeaponsThe Bloodwrought tribe, known for their ungodly murder sprees, once hunted holy men and eventually expanded their reach to anyone who crossed their path. Tales say the tribe has been locked underneath the Inevitable City in an eternal war with each other, and woe be to the mortal who unlocks their prison. The Bloodwrought Enclave has a short hallway past the entrance that branches out to three wings.To the left is the beastman section, straight ahead is the daemons and to the right are Khorne warriors leading portal pads that will transport players to an ice cave with undead, a poorly lit cave with gorgers, and a large room with a bloodbeast.Barakus the GodslayerBloodlust: Short term enrage - increase damage dealt.Whirlwind:...
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