> Butchering


Butchering is one of the 4 Gathering skills in ROR. Butchering allows you to gather from animals rather than humanoids. Items that you can butcher from animals are used mostly for Apothecary.

 As a Butcher your main source of income will be from Nutrients, The Nutriment category consists of (Guts, Gore, Blood, Lifeblood, Gall and Viscera.) If you want to go Butchering for money I highly recommend combine it with apothecary. Armour & toughness potions sale well. 

Butchering can be leveled at level 40 from 0-200. No need to go around killing…

Butchering exclusive

-Armor Potions
-Toughness Potions
-Elemental Resistance Potions
-Absorb Potions

Pros to Butchering

-Besides the ingredients, you will have Gold flowing out of your alimentary canal
-Any class can do it, but AoE classes can sometimes farm ingredients faster than cultivators
-Armor potions are sought after and used by almost every class
-All zoic gores (Stabilizers) have a natural +1 multiplier
-You can farm an ingredient of any rank without having to hope RNG will give you a better seed
-No distractions while RvR’ing
-You get to see a lot of the Warhammer world

Cons to Butchering

-Not as convenient as cultivating
-Depending on ingredient, might be slower than cultivating
-No extenders built in
-A bit slower to level up apothecary with it