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Choni Beach

The area of Choni is collection of small rocky coves that someone can explore to find the ideal place for him/her to enjoy the sea, sun and quiet. Choni is located right next to Nopigia and is accessible by car, up to a point.

In the same area you will find the small Church of Panagia Choni which also gives the name to the area, and the start of the ancient path from Nopigia to Ravdoucha.

There are some people visiting the area but due to the rocky nature is relatively quite and some parts isolated. Depends on how much you feel like walking and exploring.

How to Get There

Only 10 min from Kissamos. Head to Nopigia and once there, follow the road to the end of it. The road to Choni at some point start to become a dirt road.

Once you reach the point where the car can’t go any further you are that Choni beach. On the way you will pass a few coves so if you like them stop and enjoy them.

Map to the Area.

Fixxer’s Tips

  • Caution is advised when driving due to the narrow dirt roads.
  • Pay attention when walking; the rocks in the area are sharp.
  • If you plan to stay long, take some supplies with you, especially water.
  • Good spot for snorkelling and speargun fishing.
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