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Falasarna Beach

Today Falasarna is an agricultural area and a major tourist attraction with thousands of guests every summer. Here you can enjoy the view, the sun, an iced coffee (Frappe) some water sports and of course the amazing blue crystal clear waters and the big sandy beach of Falasarna which have been receiving numerous awards for its beauty and services.

The beach of Falassarna is fully organized with umbrellas and sunbeds in its biggest part but there are several spots in between and on the smaller beaches, to place your own and enjoy the sea and the sun.

Besides the main beach, which is the most visited, there are several smaller coves that one could visit for a swim. Some of those smaller beaches are organised but less populated or very quiet and isolated. These spots extend on both sides of the main beach and some are accessible on foot and some by car due to the distance. The main beach has two snack bars on the beach where someone could get some snacks, drinks and coffee. In the southern direction (left) fo the main beach, following the road by car, you will find some quiet coves and end up in the Falasarna fishing port. A few hundred meters further down you will find a tiny beach called Pink sand, a lovely small beach. You can also enjoy a meal in the local, nearby taverna. If you follow the road to the north (right) of the main beach, you will also find some small coves as mentioned above but also more tavernas and bars, while at the end of the tarmac road the dirt road leading to the ancient Falasarna excavation site.

Due to its natural beauty, Falasarna was included in the Natura 2000 network, thus adding more value to itself and making it a must visit place when visiting western Crete. Last but not least of its feature, is the wondrous sunsets that a person can enjoy in this beach. The wide open area of Falasarna gives a wide view of the sunset without any obstacles in your way, making it one of the most enjoyable sunsets in the region.

How to Get There

When you arrive in the town of Kissamos, you are almost there just another 12Km (15min) to your final destination. Pass this town and head to the next village –  Platanos. Once there follow the road signs to Falasarna. There are not a lot of them but they are visible.

When you reach the hill above Falassarna, you will see the beach at your feet. The road down to the beach is narrow with a lot of turns. Caution is advised when driving those roads especially if you are driving at night or at high season times where the volume of the cars is large. See map directions.

Map to the Area.

Fixxer’s Tips

  • Perfect for windsurfing and gliding.
  • Water sports (payment is required).
  • 2 Beach bars for refreshments (On the main beach) and many more around.
  • Lifeguards available most days in August.
  • Hiking the E4 Path connecting Falassarna – Paleochora.
  • If the wind is westbound sand is raised and it stings (maybe visit a different day).
  • Plenty of shops for what you might need (car required).
  • Explore if you are looking for something less crowded. Plenty of spot

Exploring Crete | Chania | Episode 6 | Falasarna Beach

This video continuous from the previous location Viglia & Trachilas to the well know / famous beach of Falasarna in Western Crete. Enjoy the ride there 🙂

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