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In our gaming we try to stick to mmorpgs of many types, whether they are medieval or sci-fi does not matter. What does matter is to have fun. We try to play one game at the time to enjoy and explore it as much as we can. We generally do not read about the game in advance and we try to learn the good old fashion way. Play the game. 

There are times though that we change a lot of games trying to find that one to stick with. 

When we play games we like to above all have fun and play with people rather than solo things. We usually play with people we know and have been with the stream, active for a while to avoid unexpected surprises. 

So if you like a relaxed, mature, friendly community, come join us on:


Games change fast these days.. we hope to keep this updated and you entertained. 

Releases we are hyped about and waitting:

New World

Core Punk

Ashes of Creation


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