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GunbadLocation: The Badlands | Ranks: 23–30 | Type: Realm Instanced | Grade: 3 | Key Loot: Redeye Armor and WeaponsOnce a Morkain place of power, for a thousand years Gunbad has been home to a strange breed of greenskin. The mushroom-crazed forces of the Night Goblins— furtive maniacs clad in black and flecked with spit—gibber and scurry in the darkness. Alone in the gloom, their unhinged minds have fashioned all manner of madness, from teetering Goblin cities to pulsating squigs of  nightmarish proportions. Now change has come to the timeless depths. The greenskins seek to break the unruly Night Goblins to their brutish will. Meanwhile, the Dwarfs have a more desperate mission. Gunbad is the sole source of Brightstone—a key component of the mighty Doomstriker Weapons. They must claim this precious ore and destroy another potential Goblin enemy. Still, the prospect...
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