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I am not a professional cook or chef in any way or form and the cooking shown is my everyday lunch / dinner.I hope that these sessions will last no more than 45 min to 1 hour including cooking time, since some foods need 20-30 min to cook with only 10-15 min preparation. In the meantime we either do salads or play a game as any gamer would.

The recipes we try to make are simple, easy and cheap ones. Occasionally we will do some different ones that either they are requested by you, or i find online and i want to try out.

The cooking sessions we do are recorded during the live Twitch stream, which means that they will have a lot of other conversations about games etc. This is not your usual YouTube video. We are a nice small twitch community and we hope that you will find a place here too.

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Chicken Ala Cream with Mushrooms and Parmesan Cheese

The first video for our cooking content. Not a professional. Hoping to give some ideas to students and gamers so the eat some thing a bit more than just microwave In this video i had a few technical issues wit the cameras and i was stressed, so possible i have forgotten a thing or two .. but oh well!


MAIN DISH: 1 Chicken Breast, 250 ml Heavy Cream, 100 gr Parmesan Cheese, Some Mushrooms, (optional mustard), Salt & Pepper

SALAD: 1 Cucumber, 1 Tomato, 1/2 Onion, 1 Green Pepper, Feta Cheese, Olive , oil, Salt, Oregano,


Heat up the frying pan in medium-to-high heat add some butter or olive oil or both once is hot enough cut the chicken into small pieces and add them in. Once the chicken is half done at the mushrooms and cook until the chicken is almost done then add 3/4 of the cream let it take a small boil in medium

Heat for 1-2 minutes then add as much Parmesan cheese as you like ( be careful not to make the sauce too think or salty by adding a lot of cheese, if this happens use the rest of the cream to balance it out, or milk ) add pepper and once the cheese is melted you’re ready to serve.

For the salad wash all the vegetables peel them add them to a plate or Bowl, add olive oil a pinch of pepper, put the feta cheese on top sprinkle with oregano and serve.

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