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Kissamos – Walking the Present

The town of Kissamos is the main town and heart of Kissamos municipality. The town is located in the North of the province and only a few meters from the seafront. The town has all the amenities one could ask for.

 When entering Kissamos, lots of people don’t see much that could excite a visitor. This is because the beauty of Kissamos lies a bit further down. When you reach the Eleftherios Venizelos square; the one with the statue on the right, you are at the heart of Kissamos. Around this square, you will find a lot of shops, such as banks, cafes, travel agencies, taxi stands and many more.  Following the road, preferably on foot to the North towards the sea, you will find yourself on the small square of Kissamos.

The small square of Kissamos is a bit more compact than the first and has many more shops. It has a variety of cafeterias, tavernas, gift shops and many others. This part of town really comes to life at night, making it a great place for a walk, shopping, or even eating if you like a town like scenery. In addition to the shops, cafes and restaurants, in this square, you can also find Kissamos Archeological museum, which is filled with some exquisite findings from the surrounding areas and excavations.

A visit to the museum is worth it if you like this sort of thing. If you don’t mind walking from the square you can continue north and head towards the seafront. Only a few minutes walk you will find yourself in the area of town called Telonio (meaning Customs) the areas here were used as customs many years ago. Now is a nice area filled with tavernas and cafes right on the seafront. A great place for relaxing all times of the day enjoying yourself with the sea breeze brushing your hair.

Telonio area may be just a small area, as seen in the photo to the right but it has a lot to offer to someone looking to relax, eat, drink, spend some time or watch a football match in one of the cafes. If you live near town it can also be a nice evening walk for relaxing before bed.

Kisssamos, in general, has a lot to offer, just take some time and explore, you might be surprised at what you might discover.

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