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Kournas Lake

Lake Kournas is near the border between Chania and Rethymno around 100 Km from Kissamos. The lake takes its name from the village of Kournas which is on top of a hill overlooking the lake. Although it doesn’t belong to the municipality of Kissamos, this is a destination that is a national treasure and if the time allows it is worth visiting.

This lake is the only one in Crete with fresh water and it measures a perimeter around 3 Km and with a maximum depth of 22m. It is also the only natural lake in Crete. You can swim if you like or take a peddle boar trip. Here you can encounter some rare species of turtles with 2 coloured shells.

How to Get There

By car, it will take you around 1 hour From Kissamos to get to Lake Kournas. The road can be narrow at some points but very picturesque on the way.

Most of the route is on the main highway. Upon arrival, you will see there is a fairly large parking area and then walk down to the lake and cafes/tavernas.

Map to the Area.

Fixxer’s Tips

  • Go early to avoid traffic and enjoy a quiet time at the lake.
  • If you go near the sides of the lake you might be lucky and see a Kri-Kri goat (Wild Cretan goat).
  • Al tavernas at the lake are good so don’t stress about where to sit and which one to pick. 
  • On the way out a visit to the Village of Kournas might be a good quick stop to enjoy a panoramic view of the lake, especially if you are leaving in the afternoon.
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