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Lefki Limni

The white lake (lefki limni) is located on the way to Elafonisi and Kedrodasos beach. This is a small semi-salt lake. The site is a protected by the Natura law 2000. The area around the lake is a palm grove, filled with Phoenix theophrasti species. The species is a threatened endemic plant of the Aegean.

This location is the westernmost and also the most stressed population of the species. This habitat was established in 2006 for the study and monitoring of the plant population. Main threat is grazing and tourist activities.

How to Get There

It is approximately 45 min – 60 min from Kissamos on the way to Elafonisi and Kedrodasos beach.There are two possible routes you can follow to go to  the white lake.

Map to the Area.

Fixxer’s Tips

  • A bit of off-roading is required but nothing major.
  • Nice, small and quiet place.
  • Near to Chrysoskalitissa monastery.
  • Gps works with updated maps (2018).
  • Some go via the first route and return from the second one. 
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