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RvR Class Roles | Chaos

Everyone like to play a class that they love. Some pick the class from the looks and apperances, some fro the power it has (DPS), other for the gameplay and others for what they can do. In Return of Reckoning, unfortunately not all classes are capable to be used in all the aspects of PVP (RvR). Having said that, i would like clarify that all has a role, just not what people want or need some times.

Below i will try and give you as much information as i can to how and what classes are capable of doing in the PVP aspects of the game. I hope that this will help you to decide what to pick so that you are not disapointed later on. Everyone should play a class that they like and enjoy. This is a game and you should all have fun, regardless the “meta”.



The Chosen is a tank class. An AOE Buff tank. Mainly because of the commands which are like auras buffing the entire party within range. The Chosen has all the skills of all other tanks as well.  The Chosen is a perfect tank for small groups such as duos or 6Vs6 man parties for roaming, scenarios and ranked scenarios. An easy tank to play since it has a action point mechanism.

A good duo would be with any class.

For warband play ( 24man groups) the Chosen is  very welcomed since he can provide protection and buffs for the whole party /Warband. There is a spot for them when the Warband is organised and on random (pug) ones.

Fighters specializing in group offence, the Chosen surround themselves with harmful auras. These curses damage or negatively impact any opponent that closes with the Chosen, who can have up to three curses active at any time.

As a tank you will be expeted to use all you skills to defend, ptrotect allies as well as to control the fight with you skill. Some of the most common skills that you will have at you disposal are:

Guard: Guard 1 person and take 50% of the damage they take. You can blcok that damage as a tank. Guard switch is a skill to be mastered.

Challenge: Reduce incoming danage for your party by 50%

Punt, Root, Knockdown and more.

As a “DPS”, 2 handed he has a decent damage output but not on the top. Still reamains a fun class to play.


                                              1. Excellent for small scale or Warband play
                                              2. Needed for Warbands and smaller groups
                                              3. Decent as DPS

More info on this class here



The Zealot is a healing class. He is the typical healing class you want. Working by using action points (mana in other games). He is the good over all healer, equipt with both single target and AOE healing spells. Very good mobility and good heals.

A healer that can be used in all aspects of the PVP (RvR) in the Return of Reckoning world. Excellent for 6 man small roaming groups, scenarios and warbands of all forms and formations.

As a healer you will be expected to keep the health bars of your allies topped up at all times. Recover after losses have accured by resurecting allies. Learn to possition youelef out of harms way and defend your self against 1-2 enemies.

The Zealot mechanics are based on Healing critical and procs based on critical heals. Its the only  healer that does not need alot of willpower to heal.

As a DPS is a spell casting ranged class with decent dps but nowhere near a pure spell casting DPS. This makes this build a fun but not so viable build. Stil many have a go at it for fun.



                                              1. Great Heals (single and aoe)
                                              2. For all aspects fo RvrR
                                              3. Fun as DPS (Not viable)

More info on this class here



The Magus is a ranged DPS class, a defensive ranged fighter who specializes in summoning daemonic aid and casting offensive magic. The Magus’s many daemonic minions include Disks, Horrors and flamers of Tzeentch, which allow them to prepare a battlefield for ambush or defense. Has two main specialations, long range single target and AOE medium range build.

Good as solo and in groups for general RvR (PVP).

As a single target spec he is good for defending keeps, sitting on high protected positions picking off specific targets. Good spec for 6 man to apply pressure in single targets. This spec has no place in Warbands.

In the AOE spec the magus is good for kitting, and warband play. Additionaly very good for keep, and fort defence. Medium to great DPS damage.

Learn to use your demons and their abilities to recieve buffs and give debuffs to enemies and maximize your damage output and utilities to the group.

The magus has a spot in warband  but just one.

The Magus and Engineer are fairly weak when they are not set up. Both classes need to have time to deploy in order to be at their best gameplay. The turrets and the demons are core mechanic and although fun they can be a burden for some situations.


                                              1. Masive single target damage – Low mobility
                                              2. Good AOE with medium mobility
                                              3. Excellent keep/fort defender
                                              4. A spot in all RVR aspects but only one.

More info on this class here



The Marauder is a melee class. An offensive brawler, Marauders are all about getting face to face with their opponents and pounding them into dust. Marauders rely on choosing the proper mutation for the situation at hand, and each mutation unlocks additional special abilities that have their own strengths and weaknesses.

A great melle DPS classe on the Destruction side with multiple utilities for party and warbands. has both Single target and AOE builds. Able to be played as a glass cannon melle DPS, “tankie” regnerations build, or long sunstain combat. Requires the player to be able to stance “dance” during combat to amximize effiency, but not 100% necessery to play them.

Some of the marauder characteristics are the many debuffs such as armour bebuff, AOE knock down, Pull ability for single target while moving, spamable AOE skill, sprint to close the gap between him and the anemy.

The marauder can bring alot to any formation when played well. There is usualy a spot in both groups and warbands, sometime even more than 1 spot.



                                              1. Great melee DPS
                                              2. Can Solo
                                              3. A spot in group and warband play
                                              4. Great fun

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