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RvR Class Roles | Empire

Everyone like to play a class that they love. Some pick the class from the looks and apperances, some fro the power it has (DPS), other for the gameplay and others for what they can do. In Return of Reckoning, unfortunately not all classes are capable to be used in all the aspects of PVP (RvR). Having said that, i would like clarify that all has a role, just not what people want or need some times.

Below i will try and give you as much information as i can to how and what classes are capable of doing in the PVP aspects of the game. I hope that this will help you to decide what to pick so that you are not disapointed later on. Everyone should play a class that they like and enjoy. This is a game and you should all have fun, regardless the “meta”.




The Knight of the blazing sun (KOTBS)  is a tank class. An AOE Buff tank. Mainly because of the curses which are like auras buffing the entire party within range. The KOTBS has all the skills of all other tanks as well.The KOTBS a perfect tank for small groups such as duos or 6Vs6 man parties for roaming, scenarios and ranked scenarios. An easy tank to play since it has a action point mechanism.

A good duo would be with a Warrior Priest.

For warband play ( 24man groups) the KOTBS is  very welcomed since he can provide protection and buffs for the whole party /Warband. There is a spot for them when the Warband is organised and on random (pug) ones.

KOTBS are fighters specializing in group support, Knight shout out commands to their allies in the heat of battle. Commands improve the performance of the group for a short period of time, and Knights can have as many as three commands active at any given time.

As a tank you will be expeted to use all you skills to defend, ptrotect allies as well as to control the fight with you skill. Some of the most common skills that you will have at you disposal are:

Guard: Guard 1 person and take 50% of the damage they take. You can blcok that damage as a tank. Guard switch is a skill to be mastered.

Challenge: Reduce incoming danage for your party by 50%

Punt, Root, Knockdown and more.

As a “DPS”, 2 handed is has a decent damage output but not on the top. Still reamains a fun class to play.

As a 2-handed tank (DPS) you still can use all the tank utility skills such as guard etc. Tanks never loose the “protector” role! 


                                              1. Excellent for small scale or Warband play
                                              2. Needed for Warbands and small groups
                                              3. Decent as DPS

More info on this class here



The Warrior Priest is a melee healing class. He is not the typical healing class you want or know. Close-combat healers, Warrior Priests use Righteous Fury to power their support and healing magic. Righteous Fury builds up via dedicated prayers and melee combat, and as a result Warrior Priests have to be actively involved on the front lines to be able to support their groups.

A healer that can be used in all aspects of the PVP (RvR) in the Return of Reckoning world. Excellent for 6 man small roaming groups, scenarios and warbands of all forms and formations.

One of the “tankiest” healers in the game if not the number one. Also condidered the best healer by many along withe Disciple of Khaine on Destruction side.

As a healer you will be expected to keep the health bars of your allies topped up at all times. Recover after deaths have accured by resurecting allies. Learn to possition yourself out of harms way and defend your self against 1-2 enemies.

The Warrior Priest mechanics are based on willpower. As a Warrior Priest you will need to learn to manage your 2 resources well in combat. Both by using a conversion skill where you stop moving and healilng for a few seconds to convert action points to righteous fury and by DPSing to gain more righteous fury. You will have alot at your disposal to survive and to keep your allies alive. Some skills include Single target detaunt, AOE detaunt, extremly fast heals, AOE heals for the party as well as AOE heals for outiside the party.

As a DPS you can do well, but will not match a pure DPS, while maintaining alot of the healing skills for mainly self use. This makes this build a fun but for many not so much a viable build. Some others disagree ( I will get more on this class nd update this post).

Warrior Priest has 3 builds in total. Healing, 2-Handed DPS, adn Healing or DPS with a shield.



                                              1. Great Heals (single and aoe)
                                              2. For all aspects fo RvR
                                              3. Fun as DPS
                                              4. Tankiest Healer in game

More info on this class here



The Bright Wizard (BW) is a spell casting ranged DPS class. Has two main specialations, a single targer and an AOE build. As a spell caster as in many games, the BW remains a soft target and relys on high damage output to kill before killed. Ofcourse best result in a group with guard and heals. The Bw can solo but not very well. He has a root but thats it.

His single target damage is great and feared but he is mostly feared for the massive AOE damage he can output in anyfight. BW can be played from the back lines, on top of walls and in the front lines wiht the right group.

As a single target spec he is good for small groups, ranked scenarios. As an AOE spec always wanted in warbands, keep and fort defences.

The spell Combustion, in particular, allows the Bright Wizzard to increase their spell power to such a dangerous levels that they risk miscasting and hurting themselves in the process.

Good management is required and to keep checking your own HP or you will die form your own spell damage. There is always a cost. Potions can help with solo play, while in groups or warband the healers got you covered.

The Bright Wizzard has a spot in warband as an AOE spec, some times can be the only DPS in one, the so called “Bomb” Warbands.



                                              1. Excellent single target – Low mobility
                                              2. Best ranged AOE in game
                                              3. Excellent keep/fort defender
                                              4. A spot in all RVR aspects.

More info on this class here



The Witch Hunter is a melee stealth / rogue class. The sneak behind their enemies and o suprise attacks and more.. One of the best solo classes due to stealth that can last up to 1 minute and 30 sec until action points are out. Stealth can be a usuful tool in many situations, like: spying, sneaking or even escaping.. but at the cost of the action points.The longer in stealth the less action points to fight when you come out of stealth.

The Witch Hunter can only yield a sword and a hand gun. The have mainly single targer damage /burst damage and minimum to none aoe abilities. The few aoe skills that they have, they have to spec for them and are mainly useful in specific formation in warbands. The recent (2020) AOE armour befuff might of gained them an extra spot in the warband play.

An offensive melee career that relies on ambushing and lighting fast assaults. Witch Hunters rely on careful movement and infiltration to allow them to close the distance with their targets. Once in melee range they build up Accusation (max 5) against their foes, which allows them to unleash powerful execution attacks.

They have a spot in solo roaming stopping other solo reenforcements, small parties, sceanrios, ranked scenarios and one or maybe 2 spots in a warband.

Some of the skills Witch Hunter have in their arsenal are : Stealth, heal debuff, knockdown, disarm, silence, self punt, 30 sec delay ressurection for enemies, armour ignore, many finishers.

Witch Hunters can fight any enemy on 1 vs 1 if they are prepaired well for it.

Note: solo play involves alot fo death on your part until you get some high end gear. Unti then pick your figth carefully or group up.



                                              1. Great solo melee DPS
                                              2. Gear dependant
                                              3. Stealth is fun (starts lvl 10)
                                              4. Great fun

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