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Tank  Build | “The Rock”

For this build you will need to be level 40 Renown level 80 to fully utilize the build. The game allows for great versatility so i will attempt to give you an idea on the build, after that you will have to modify it to fit you game style.


First lets see what gear we will need to use. For that build we’ll use 4 pieces of Invader set which from set bonuses will give us strength, wounds and toughness and 2 pieces of Vanquisher set which will give us extra toughness. We’ll use also Genesis cloak of the undying and Genesis aspect of undying to get 2nd piece bonus, which is wounds.

We have to buy also the Genesis Aspect & Fragment of the everlasting to get 2nd piece bonus, which is toughness. The 4th slot will be Rough Gunbad Diamond which would give us toughness / wounds and extrablock. For the weapons we’ll be using Scenario defensive shield ( block / parry ) and defensive axe ( red. armor & crit ). All free spots will be filled using wounds talismans. The purpose of this build is simple: Hardest tank to kill.

Now, when we have the gear and the specs, let’s focus on mechanics of this build. As we all know, IB’s are using mechanic called “Grudges”. Iron breaker in order to gain them needs to be hit. High survavibility of this build can provide a lots of grudges, due to being focused and still alive. At the beginning of the combat I usually use “Grumble An’ Mutter” which is self-heal skill. It costs 10 grudge / 3 sec. High block & parry provide smooth defenses, while self-heal helps survive. I highly recommend using rotations of skill presented bellow, to gain maximum survavibility.


Below you can see what skills i prefer for my build. We use the path of Stone and the path of Brotherhood.

From Path of Stone pick:

                                                  • Shield Mastery
                                                  • Oathbound

From the path of Brotherhood pick:

                                                  • Grumble An’ Mutter
                                                  • Earthshatter


Now that we have our gear and our skills its time to improve them all. It is time to use the renown we have acquired through PVP.

                          • 4 levels of Reflexes to increase parry to max from Renown.
                          • 4 levels of Defender to increase block rating.
                          • 3 Levels of Deft Defender for extra parry.
                          • 3 levels of Futile Strikes to reduce the chance to receive critical.


                                              • Rugged (160 toughness)
                                              • Ancestral Inheritance (660 armor)
                                              • Shield Mastery (10% block & 95% inc dmg)
                                              • Seasoned Veteran (85% inc dmg after block)


                                              • Champion’s Challenge
                                              • Distracting Bellow
                                              • Gromil Plating
                                              • Immaculate Defense


Positives of tank Build

                                              • Good Heal
                                              • Can 1v1 soft enemies
                                              • Build CAN BE USED in PvE with good results

Negatives of tank Build

                                              • Not high DMG
                                              • Build becomes boring due to being unkillable


                                                • Oath Bound
                                                • Vengeful Strike
                                                • Guarded Attack
                                                • Inspiring Attack
                                                • Stubborn as Stone
                                                • Kneecapper
                                                • Stone Breaker
                                                • Heavy Blow

Situational extra skills:​​​​

                                                • Grumble an Mutter
                                                • Earth Shatter
                                                • Rune-etched Axe



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