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The SacellumLocation: Inevitable City |Ranks: 13–20 |Type: 6-Player, Instanced | Grade: 2 | Key Loot: Starter GearCaged and readied beasts, as well champions, stay in the Sacellum while waiting to be called out to the Arena. Enraged servants also make their home here, as do the more volatile and destructive forces the Sacellum has to offer. The layout consists mostly hallways with side rooms holding the named combatants, with three different layouts for the degree of difficulty (there are low-, mid-, and high-level entrances).WING 1 The Ragehorn tribe of Khorne beastmen has followed their leader Vul the Bloodchosen to fight in the Sacellum in order to honor their God of Blood.WING 2 The Mawgut ogres have brought some of their wilder cousins and creatures to theSacellum to fight for prizes…and foodWING 3 A menagerie of beasts from across the world,...
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