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The SewersLocation: Altdorf | Ranks: 13–20 | Type: 6-Player, Instanced | Grade: 3 | Key Loot: Starter GearThe Sewers beneath Altdorf are set up in three different sections, for low-, mid-, and high-ranked adventurers. The rotten flesh of zombies adds to the odorous passageways below, where clanrats skitter and man-eaters dwell. Corpses line the waterways, and fallen wizards talk to themselves, when not casting spells to thwart those foolish enough to enter these environs. Rat ogres, packmasters, recluses, and other various vermin call this place home. Should players venture into the high-level area, they shall meet Goradian, a scientist gone mad, mumbling and performing tests on those who stumble upon him…This dungeon is composed of three small instances that make up the Aldorf Sewers. Wing 1 is composed of entirely Skaven mobs culminating in the boss fight with Kokrit Man-Eater. Wing 2...
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