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The way to Elafonisi Beach

Elafonisi can be found in the south-west of Chania apposite side of Balos on the map. This visit might split your heart in two and become unable to choose which one of them you like more. Elafonisi is a small island that you can walk to it through the sea. 

The height of the water that you walk through is at waist level at maximum and uncle height as a minimum. It only takes you a few minutes to walk to the island from the main beach. In reality, this is a natural phenomenon where the water of the sea rises up and separates two parts of the land giving the impression of an island.

In this little heaven, you will be able to enjoy the cold and crystal clear waters, the pink coloured sand that outlines the beach, which has been formed from broken sea shells over hundreds of year. Sand dunes and cedar trees complete the scenery. Elafonisi had been added to the Natura 2000 network of protected areas. There is a fully organised beach and 2 places where you can buy some snacks and drinks.

Free Camping is forbidden on the island, as well as taking the pink sand with you. We employ you not to take any as it took many hundreds of years to form, let’s preserve it for the future generations.

Getting to Elafonisi from Kisamos by car it will take you around 1 hour.

There are two possible routes you can follow to go to Elafonisi.

If you wish to go by bus make sure you check for bus scheduel and times before you even consider this!


  • Some go via the first route and return from the second one.
  • Sunblock required due to the white sand.
  • Combine the visit with other stops to utilize your time better and not to miss out on anything.

Map showing both routes from Kissamos to Elafonisi:

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