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The Way to Therissos

Therissos is a small village built on the foot of the White Mountains at an altitude of 580 metres, 16 km south of Chania town. The village is famous for its incredible beauty, its glorious history, but also it is dairy farming.

herissos played an important role in the history of Crete during the 19th century since it was the place of birth of the Cretan revolutionists Vassilis, Stefanos and Giannis Halis who participated to most of the great battles against Turks in Crete and the Peloponnese.

But the great past of the village and its fame is mostly due to the fact that Eleftherios Venizelos (the great politician and statesman) had his headquarters at Therissos when he declared the union of Crete with the newly built Greek State. Its house has been turned into a museum.

The lovely village has various accommodations and excellent taverns where one can taste the divine local specialities. Visitors can also admire the cave located that is 2,5 kilometres north of the village, on the left bank of Kladissos River, where traces of Neolithic and Minoan settlements have been discovered.

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