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Topolia Gorge

Topolia gorge runs along the road that leads to Elafonisi. The total length of the gorge is 1.5 Km and it has virtually zero difficulties in walking it and for most, it takes around 1 hour to cross. This small gorge is open all the year around. We suggest not crossing any gorge if a chance of rain. IN this gorge if you look around you will see yellow and black painted rocks indicating the direction you need to follow.

The thing most people enjoy is the amazing walls of the gorge reaching up to 300m high and the many caves. Here a lot of birds find refuge due to the caves.

The church of Agia Sofia which is alongside the country road is also worth visiting since its build inside the cave. To reach the cave and church, one must climb approximately 100 stone steps. The impressive cave and the marvellous view make the effort well worth it.

How to Get There

To get there from Kissamos will take you around 20 min by car since its only 12Km.

Easy to drive road with a few narrow spots. Once you reach the village of Topolia, near its exit there is a dirt road to take you to the start of the gorge.

Map to the Area.

Fixxer’s Tips

  • Make sure you have a bottle of water with you. 
  • Sunscreen might be required and its good to always wear some.
  • You need to have someone drive you at the start and pick you up at the end unless you walk back. It is a small gorge so you can walk it back.
  • Comfortable shoes are advised.
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