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Welcome to Our Traveling / Outdoors Section

Here you will find all our vidoes that we make traveling around Crete ( for now)  with my friend recording out routes. We are attempting to record the routes to various know and unknow places in Crete with our helm cameras. We want to show the routes / the ride to the destination rather than the actual destination. We also want to try and keep to the back roads as much as possible. Highways are boring straight lines and also you miss all those small villages on the way.

We will be going to our destinations from route one and return from route two, in order to cover as much routes as possible and fcource different ones.  We are planing to travel the entire isalnd of Crete to cover the main and know destinations.

I will try and add as much extra information on the final destinations as i can and will be released here on this website mainly for our patrons, so if you do enjoy what you will see here and on YouTube, consider becoming a patron and gain Early Access to the weekly Videos. All YouTube videos are release with a significant delay.

Finally, we also hope that in 2021 we will be able to do some real life outdoors streams, like from a beach or a bar, or a night out. 

Thank you for stopping by and we hope that you will stay and enjoy your self.

Below you can see the ever growing playlist with previous relesed videos on You Tube.