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Location: West Praag | Ranks: 36-40 | Type: 6-Player, Open PVE/PVP | Key Loot: Beastlord GearQuest InformationOrder Quest Giver:Markus Wulfhart| Praag | Chapter:  18Destruction Quest Giver: Karrig the Despoiler | Praag | Chapter:  17Boss Location:West Praag| Waterfall north of the Sundered FortressGear Vendor:Ellyrion Herdmaster (near the mount vendor)Destruction Gear Vendor: Druchii Beastmaster - Inevitable City (near mount vendors)General Set UpIf you want to be efficient and fast on this line of quests, then make sure that your main tank has a 0% chance to be criticaly hit. Try and get a healer with an AOE cleanse in your group to make things easier. An off tank is always needed as in most PVE aspects. In theses bosses mainly for guarding the main tank and split damage but also fro teh occesionaal mob spawning.Main tanks should ALWAYS  hae slotted the menace...
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