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Village of Potamida

The village of Potamida is a small village only 6 Km from Kissamos. The village is built near the river “τυφλό”, translates to river blind, in a very green scenery. In this village, one can visit the interesting and for some bizarre landscape called komolithi. Komolithi are small hills made out of soft clay, which over the course of history, and erosion they been shaped to what someone could call conical shapes. The landscape resembles Cappadocia and we find similar in Koufonissi, Sitia. They are located just a few meters from the village houses in a very fertile plain of land and that makes it special because it stands out above the fields of the plain.

These hills are unique to the region of Chania.

There is also a small “homemade” museum of an old watermill that you could visit. This is a difficult place to locate as you have to walk through a few house gardens to get there but thankfully there are plenty of signs to guide you.

How to Get There

A nice short 15 min drive from Kissamos and definitely worth a stop.

Map to the Area

Fixxer’s Tips

  • During our visit the hills were fenced off, so we could get close still worth the time.
  • Watermill museum, we suggest you follow the signs on food as the roads get narrow. Small but interesting place.​
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