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Village of Rokka

Rokka is a mountain village built in the ruins of an old village, in the slope of an impressive rock, at an altitude of 210 m. At the edges of the mountain rock, you can distinguish the housing remains of the old ruined village carved in the rocks including water tanks for rainwater, roads and canals.

The top of the rock is called Troulli, which is a natural acropolis. Many believe that the name Rokka comes from the Venetians but it seems not to be true due to the fact that no reference can be found anywhere in any Venetian texts. Most likely the name comes from the shrine of Artemide Rokkea, famous for her healing powers.

The village of Rokka is was not an autonomous city but most likely a colony of the bigger city Polyrinia.

the village of Rokka is worth visiting for the archaeological sites, the culture wealth is offers and the astonishing view from up high in the mountains, as well as the Rokka gorge for those that love walking in nature. Some of the findings of the excavations can be seen in the Kissamos Mesuem.

At the bottom of the mountain sits the beautiful Gorge of Rokka.

In the summertime, there are several events organized in the Rokka village “Festival of Rokka”. The whole village is transformed into an open cultural stage, where musical, artistic and theatrical productions reveal the local cultural physiognomy.  More information can be found at the official Festival of Rokka website.

How to Get There

Starting from Kissamos as always, it will take you approx. 15 min to get to Rokka by car.

Map to the Area

Fixxer’s Tips

  • There are no shops in the village so when visiting be repaired.
  • No direct bus service for this destination
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