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Warpblade TunnelsLocation: Altdorf |Ranks: 40+ | Type: 6-Player, Instanced | Grade: 5 | Key Loot: Sentinel Armor and WeaponsThe Skaven clan of the Warpblade has burrowed from unknown depths to lie waiting beneath the city of Altdorf. Man-made structures or foundations of layered rock and wooden supports give way to the Warpblade Tunnels, which are more organiclooking, with twists and turns. The tunnels are long, with clanrats and rat ogres acting as the physical muscle, while moulders practice their sorceries. Pipes, broken ladders, and unusable bridges furnish the walls, which are supported with wooden beams and archways throughout. The apparent leader of this magical clan of rat people, Grey Seer Quol’tik, lies at the end of the winding passageways.Bruak Crushing Blow: This is a single target melee hit. Slam: This is a frontal cone knockback and damage Frightening Roar: This will...
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